Five ways to surprise him on Valentine’s Day.

The town has now been painted red already, a sign that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, exciting right? Well, it’s not the case for some, because there is the pressure of knowing what to do. If you don’t well, the pressure is real. Now Valentine’s Day is not only about you ladies, the men also need a share of the TLC.

So how can you make your man love valentines?

  1. Make him dinner

You know that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and we are not going to his stomach with just the regular dinner of ‘ugali, Sukuma na Nyama’ make it a five-star treatment. Make that ‘Ugali, Sukuma na Nyama’ the kind that will never be erased in his mind. Make it a process, where he has to come home get a shower, dress specifically, and sit at the table with you (also dolled up). Now, this is your time to bond and exchange those alluring gazes.

  1. Redo your first date all over again

However, this time own it. You don’t have to do everything the same way you did the first time you sat down together, but make it memorable. Put little additives like having wine if you did not, have a band if it didn’t, you can always make a big score with you singing for him.

  1. Visit him at work with lunch

What a soothing feeling to see the love of your life standing behind (or in front) of you with your favorite meal in her hand without notice, Bonga points for you! However you must know how busy or less busy he is in the office, lest you end up not having it.

  1. Slip a note in his wallet or car telling him ’10 reasons why I love you’

You do know why you love him, right?

  1. Plan a surprise party

Invite his close friends and make sure you have invites more couples than singles; and of course let the meal, drinks and /or snacks be his favorite. He will thank you

6. Buy Him a Watch

Yes, really, men love watches and every man can do with one, it is a sign of style and elegance and at the same time it will help him keep time and maybe show up a minute or two earlier on your next date.Check out our watch collection here and select a watch for your man this valentine’s day.