Why sterling silver should be your Valentines gift to your Man

Figuring out the best Valentine’s day gift for men is a very tricky experience- and we know it! Gifting ladies is an easy task. But for men? It’s hard to shop for them in general, be it on their birthdays or anniversaries. Not only is their taste peculiar, but also their wish list can be a big ask. If you are finding it hard getting a gift for him, might we suggest a sterling silver piece? Here is why:

They are unique

Ladies, 2021 is the year to trade in those boxers and tea gifts something more worthwhile. Agreed? A sterling silver bracelet, for example, is a thoughtful gift that your man will love. Guys at times like to get gifts that they haven’t thought of. A sterling chain link, for example, is an expression of something more than love and your man will love wearing it for you.

They are easy to maintain and last long

Unlike other metals, sterling silver needs little maintenance routines. Just polishing now and then to return the shine. While sterling silver may be prone to fading as compared to pure silver, it has increased strength as compared to other metals and therefore lasts longer. Sterling silver is best for a man who will wear the piece beyond Valentine’s.

Doesn’t irritate the skin?

Nothing is as unromantic as rashes on the day, right? No need to worry about hypoallergenic jewelry with silver sterling. These pieces are safe to wear and unlike other jewelry made from inexpensive metals like brass, silver sterling don’t contain metals that cause allergic reactions.

Saves you a ton! 

Do you want to get him pure silver cufflinks for Valentine’s day, but are afraid of the costs? Sterling silver gives you the same look as pure silver, but costs way less. They are eye-catching and will not fail to impress. Sterling silver is also more affordable compared to metals like bronze and gold.

Endless varieties

Silver is a relatively soft metal and is preferred by jewelers to make a variety of unique jewelry varieties and shapes. This simply means innovation is constant and there are constantly new designs for men’s jewelry that fit their style. Whether you are looking for a ring, a bracelet, cufflink, chain, or pendant, you are guaranteed a selection.

Get that gift personalized

The flexibility of sterling silver gifts accords you the choice of personalizing the gift. Should you opt for a sterling ring, for example, you could have your man’s name engraved or have a sweet message written on the gift. What better Valentine’s gift than one with a heartfelt message that he will keep for life?