How to tell your Spouse’s ring size

Set of Rings

Tis’ the season to be ‘Hitched’, fa Lala Lala Lala Lala, yes it is. The love journey has to be taken to the next level, either and engagement or making the vows. Each ceremony requires the ring symbol and this is how the dilemma beings; starting from where to get what, metal she’d prefer the size of her finger, wait a minute, did I just say the size of her finger ? Yes, especially if it is a proposal.

It is relatively easy to get the right ring size after she says yes, so how do we do it before she says yes

So how does John Doe actually get the size right?

  1. Get measured. This method will favor those who are looking into making the vows. The couple will just go to the vendor and get measured. Not a good idea, however, if you want to

spark the element of surprise that comes with engagements

  1. Compare your fingers. Please don’t do this too seriously, she will suspect, make it look romantic. You know that move we like, holding her hand across the table while on a coffee date? Make it a habit and try and compare her fingers with yours and see what finger would be a close enough size to her ring finger. You must have good estimates for this method.
  1. A little help from family or friends. This could work perfectly if she was a person who likes jewelry. You could ask a friend or a family member to ‘steal’ one of her jewelry for comparison. If not you can make her friends to take her ring shopping just for fun then get her size for you.
  1. Stick her jewelry Ring on a bar of soap. This might work well for people who already leave together. If she’s the kind of girl who counts her stuff before and after use of jewelry, you can pick one of her rings to press it against a bar of soap to imprint the size. You can them take it to your vendor.

You now have options, right?