4 Reasons why a Bridal Wedding Ring Set Is Perfect For You

Silver Wedding Set Kenya

It is called a wedding band, a symbol of your marriage to your spouse and it means that your commitment to one another is endless; so with all these meanings and much more attached to this piece of jewelry, why make it average when you can make it perfect?

Men, it’s about a perfect finish or should I say a perfect start into your happy ever after. Walk around the streets of Nairobi and you will see most married women with two very different rings; One, which she was adorned with on her engagement and the other on the wedding day.  Mostly silver is for engagement and the gold one is for the wedding, now why do you consider getting a bridal wedding ring set?

A bridal wedding ring set is and engagement ring that comes with a matching wedding band for the bride. The good thing about a bridal set is that;

After the whole celebratory gatherings, your lady’s rings will look like one wholesome ring on her finger, a perfect finish to a new beginning.

  • The set is actually more comfortable to wear compared to the separate rings which, more often than not, move around the finger and your lady has to keep adjusting it to its perfect position.
  • It is time-saving. With the bridal set, you will not have to go for ring shopping again, you choose your rings on the day you want to propose; not only will you get the bride’s bands but you will also buy your own wedding band as a whole set.
  • Less metal maintenance; when the two different metals rub against one another, they create friction and wear them out quickly. That means there will be a different price of maintenance for each ring. The bridal set usually interlocks so there is minimal to no friction between the rings making it last longer.
  • The consistency of style; it is harder to match an engagement ring to a wedding ring than to get an already matched set, to begin with. More often than not in ring shopping, the bride most likely will want a ring that matches the engagement ring.