Shopping for Silver Wedding Bands

A heart embossed silver wedding rings

When you are smack in the middle of wedding planning, choosing the right wedding rings can be quite the task. Given that this little piece of jewelry is as sentimental as it is essential for the big day, one might get overwhelmed when shopping for a ring. We are here to make hunting for the perfect silver wedding band a breezy affair. Check out some handy guides on selecting the most sentimental piece you will ever don.

The shape of you

Different silver wedding bands look different on various people due to their finger shape. Go through the various ring shapes your jeweler has in stock and see those that work well with you. Grooms tend to go for more plain-looking bands while brides love a bit of detail and sparkle. From rough-cut edges to smooth finishes, go for a ring that easily fits and feels right to you.

To blend or not to blend

Do you wish to ultimately blend or match your engagement ring colors and shape to your wedding ring? It is advisable to always try on your wedding band with your engagement ring to see how the overall look feels. You will note that when you match or complement these two pieces, you achieve a harmonious look. Matching shape-to-shape, ring diameter-to-diameter, polish-to-polish, silver-to-silver gives a neater and more uniform look.

Would you like your wedding band to match with your partners’? If this matters to you then you should go for his and hers pairs. If matching is not your style, then go for bands that complement each other.

Spend limit

Budget is a primary factor for many brides and grooms when choosing a silver wedding band. As a general rule, before actual ring shopping, do a quick survey on general costs and options to give you a rough idea of costs then set up a budget limit. Once an expenditure limit is set, then you can comfortably choose different silver items within your range. This simple task helps you mitigate overspending and taking too much time shopping for items out of the price range.

 When to buy

If you are going for a bespoke, unique tailor-made piece, then plan to shop up to six months ahead of your wedding day. Ready-made silver wedding bands should be purchased at least a month to the wedding. This gives you time to get comfortable with the piece, engrave your initials should you wish to, and resize it should it be too big or a tad small.

The top tip in shopping for Silver Wedding bands is to choose and settle for an item you are comfortable wearing for the rest of your life. You need to love what you buy and not just settle for it.