Everything You Need to Know about the Sapphire Birthstone

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As much as sapphire is the designated September birthstone, it is also associated with an aura of royalty, love, and romance. In fact, Prince William proposed with a blue sapphire engagement ring to his now wife, Kate Middleton. The ring initially belonged to his mum, Princess Diana, making it one of the most iconic engagement rings in history. That is so fascinating, right?

Sapphire is indeed a precious, sentimental and valuable gemstone. Whether you are looking for the ideal gift for a September baby or for your friend or relative to symbolize your undying love for them, this beautiful stone is a worthwhile investment. Besides, who can resist the various beautiful shades of this coloured stone?

Today we explore the true beauty of the sapphire birthstone and share tips you can use while jewelry shopping to ensure you buy a genuine quality piece. But first, here is a brief history so that you can understand this gemstone even better.

The History of Sapphire

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For centuries, this precious stone has been highly sought after by Greeks, Romans and other ancient people. From mining it to buying to stealing it from others, they would go to great lengths to attain this stone. They believed that it would protect them from harm and promote peace.

This September birthstone was also believed to have mystic powers. The Persians believed that sapphire stones were a reflection of the sky. The Greeks on the other hand, believed that they connected them to the heavens. This belief led people to use this stone in religious occasions because it represented the heavens. To date, some religions still refer to it as holy stone.

Unlike the past, sapphire now symbolizes royalty, sincerity, love, and romance. Jewelers now engrave it in rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings for jewelry to hold more sentimental value. Some people use it to pop the big “will you marry me?” question, others use it to celebrate friendship while others use it to show off class and sophistication.

Styling the Blue Sapphire Stone

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This September birthstone is best embedded in silver metal because silver is neutral in nature and will beautifully reflect the blue hue of this gem. If you are looking to stand out while wearing this stone, here are a few tips you can use.

  • Let sapphire be the focal point of your outfit. This blue gem shines best when worn with complimentary more laid back colours. Opt for more neutral colours to allow the sapphire to pop in the background and give your look a luxurious touch.


You do not necessarily have to be limited to just black, white, or grey. A colour different from the blue hue of this gem, just not as bright, will elevate your look beautifully.

  • Wear it with simple outfits. Whether you are looking to attend a formal or informal setting, sapphire will stand out when you pair it with simple clothes and accessories. Do not pair it with other coloured gemstones to avoid drawing attention away from this rare stunning gem. Instead, you can wear more than one sapphire accessory at a go.
  • Get your creative juices flowing and do not be afraid to experiment. If you are unsure what goes with what, try out different combinations to find what best suits you.
  • Consider the occasion. Wear more understated sapphire necklace while attending a formal setting and a statement sapphire piece for casual events like parties and weddings.

The True Authenticity of the Sapphire Birthstone

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Sapphire existing in many shades is a beautiful aspect. However, it can be difficult and confusing to tell when someone is selling you a fake. Are you worried you do not know how you can spot a fake from real sapphire? Here are a few factors to put into consideration while shopping for this gemstone to ensure you do not get conned.

  • The Clarity of the Stone

Sapphires are naturally formed by tiny bits of matter and so they have inclusions. Inclusions are distinctively different particles inside the gem that do not match the general shade. Look out for spots and blemishes in a piece, if you see these flaws then it is definitely sapphire.

  • Look Out for Air Bubbles

Before making any purchase, look whether there are any air bubbles inside the piece. Overturn it if you have to, just be keen and inspect it thoroughly. If indeed the piece has air bubbles then the sapphire is not real.

Do the Breathing Test

Breathe into the piece so that it fogs up. Natural gemstones clear up within one or two seconds. If it takes five seconds while the fog is still clearing away, then the sapphire is not real.

  • Do the Light Test

Put the sapphire in a dark room and shine a flashlight onto it. If the sapphire is real, it will only reflect the colour similar to its general appearance. If it is glass, then the reflection will have other colours other than the one on the piece.

The Best Sapphire Quality

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Are you looking to buy the best quality sapphire? But how do you know what good quality looks like? We got you. Here are a few tells you can use to assess the quality of sapphire.

  • Color– This precious stone has many different shades in different tones. A moderate to highly saturated tone implies that the birthstone is of high quality.
  • Cut– A well-cut sapphire is perfectly symmetrical so that it can sparkle and elevate any look beautifully.
  • Clarity- When it is a high quality gem, the inclusions should not be visible to the naked eye.


Add Sapphire to Your Jewelry Collection

It does not matter whether you are a September baby or just a mere jewelry enthusiast. Sapphire is a must have accessory for anyone looking for a beautiful, elegant and priceless piece. If you do not yet own any sapphire accessory, then it is about time you add it to your jewelry bucket list. You are definitely missing out.

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