The Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Relationship

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Have you ever stopped to wonder what prompts a relationship to shift from helplessly in love to sheer
disinterest and chaos? How people are lovebirds one minute and strangers the next? What does it take
to keep the biochemical high of love even way past the initial honeymoon phase?

We have all had our own share of failed relationships or watched couples we genuinely considered goals
fall apart. In fact, this millennial generation is not pulling off relationships. Lately, people fall in love, get
married and get divorced shortly after. What does it really take to keep the romance alive?

Are you looking to keep your relationship interesting? We got you. Whether you are a long-distance
couple or live together, today we explore the different ways you can keep the spark from burning out.
But first, here are a few reasons why people fall apart in the first place.

Causes of a Lost Spark

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Even the strongest bonds hit a bumpy road. Below are reasons people may start to drift and lose their

  • Merged Identities
    The beauty of relationships is when two different unique personas come together to form a
    beautiful bond despite their differences. However, over time some individuals tend to lose their
    voice and end up being an “us” instead of a “me” entity.
    When you fuse identities, you lose yourself as well as the thrill of getting to know each other
    because the traits that attracted your partner in the first place begin to fade away. This brings
    about monotony in the relationship that eventually leads to drifting apart. So, try to spend time
    apart, have different friends, and take care of yourself to avoid losing yourself.
  • Harboring Negative Emotions Like Anger
    Can you imagine harboring negative emotions like jealousy or anger towards your partner? Now
    imagine never sorting it out because you never spoke up. So frustrating, right? Holding back
    finally causes the over-enthusiastic feelings of love to crumble down to boredom, resentment,
    and dissatisfaction. How about you break down that tradition?
    Communication is key. Air your thoughts and emotions, whether good or bad, that way you
    cannot hold grudges against your partner that can potentially turn into resentment.

  • Failing to Share Activities
    Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or not, spending quality time with your partner
    is the ultimate key to a happy relationship. Making time for someone makes them feel special
    and loved. If you barely make time for your partner despite your crazy schedule, your
    relationship is bound to stagnate and get monotonous. Eventually the once emotional high of
    love wears off.
  • Lack of Effort
    You can tell you are losing the spark when no one is putting effort anymore. But worry not, you
    can still rekindle that flame. Not everyone is worth fighting for, so you need to define whether
    the best decision is to hold on or let go. You need to figure out whether the relationship is toxic
    or healthy, here is how you can tell.

Tells of a Healthy Vs Toxic Relationship
Love is like an addiction. The more you spend time together, the stronger the bond. However, there must
be balance. Most people tend to ignore red flags and end up in toxic relationships.
Others overlook a beautiful healthy relationship and go for narcissistic partners. But how do you tell it is
worth fighting for? A toxic relationship has controlling behavior and abusive tendencies while a healthy
relationship makes you the best version of yourself without unnecessary compromises. Choose wisely.

How to Keep a Relationship Interesting

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Sometimes, just love is not enough to fuel a healthy relationship. It requires time, effort, commitment,
and consistency. All of which do not necessarily need a lot of money, just sentimental and thoughtful
deeds. Below are some tips that will come in handy if you are looking to rekindle a spark or keep your
relationship strong.

  1. Try New Things Together
    Trying new activities together can make things exciting and fresh. You kill two birds with one
    stone by spending quality time with your partner while having fun.
    So yes, go for road trips and vacations, try out dance classes together, just do not be afraid to
    explore new possibly fun activities. If your partner is a jewelry enthusiast, go window shopping
    together. Fun activities are ideal bonding moments.
  2. Have the Element of Surprise
    Keep the element of surprise alive in your relationship. It maintains a romantic, loving yet flirty
    environment making your relationship fun and exciting. Take your partner out for surprise dates,
    make them breakfast in bed, just show love, it does not have to be big gestures.
    Go the extra mile and browse through different jewelry stores to find the perfect piece for your
    lover. It could be a silver necklace, watch, earring, bracelet, or ring, whichever you think will
    fascinate your partner.


  1. Be Thoughtful
    Is your partner having a bad day? How about you give them a nice body massage to help them
    relax? Or perhaps he or she just got a big promotion at work, get them a congratulatory jewelry
    accompanied by a note to show them you are proud.
    You can get silver matching jewelry sets as your anniversary gift or get customized silver jewelry
    as a birthday gift for your lover.This little deeds count as sweet and make your relationship
  2. Speak Up
    Normalize saying “I love you” to your partner. Verbalize how you feel about them. Do not stop
    showing them how much they mean to you.
    Keep each other updated on what has been going on, especially when your relationship is long
    distance. Take pictures, make video calls, and schedule virtual dates so you can have time to
    catch up. Communication goes a long way. Check on each other regularly.

Other Unspoken Rules of Successful Healthy Relationships

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We have all seen or experienced relationships that turned ugly and messy. Relationships are not as
complicated as most people make them seem. So long as the individuals involved have some kind of
agreement on their different perspectives, relationships can solely entail happiness and thrive too.
Let bygones be bygones. Sometimes it is better not to dig up the past. Do not go looking into exes, some
things are better left unknown. In case you have any kind of concern, do not shy away from voicing your
fears and worries so they can be put to rest.

Consistency is a charm. No one would appreciate a hot and cold person who is there one minute and has
ghosted them in the next. For a relationship to thrive, you need to consistently put effort and

Love yourself first, your partner second. A wise man once said that you cannot fill water from an empty
cup. It is too much pressure to expect your partner to fill that void or make you feel complete. Take care
of yourself first so you can have the power to love another.

Final Thoughts
As much as love is the glue that holds a relationship together, it is not always enough. Respect,
consistency, commitment, and understanding are core values that hold down any healthy relationship. If
you are looking to keep your relationship interesting, try out these tips and see it all unfold beautifully.
What are you waiting for?

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