Top Graduation Jewelry Gift Ideas 2021

silver earrings

Graduations are a major milestone in someone’s life. Not only does graduating mark the transition from one step of life to another but it is also the end of a long journey that finally bore fruits. Hence, graduates deserve to be celebrated fully for a job well done.

However, finding an ideal graduation present can be daunting and overwhelming. Most people choose to take the easier way out and end up getting lousy gifts. We have all seen or heard stories about graduates who did not like their gifts.

Why don’t you break that tradition? Get ranked as the graduation gift giving pro this year. Get a nice thoughtful gift that will crack up a nice genuine smile on your friend’s face. That would be so amazing, right?

If you are wondering where to start looking for the ideal gift, worry not. We got you. We have compiled a short list of potentially great gift ideas any graduate will love and adore to help you make informed choices.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Word on the streets is that women are complex beings. But contrary to popular opinion, getting women presents is considerably way easier than gifting men. Here are a few jewelry gift ideas you can use while getting women gifts.

  1. Silver Necklace

Green Earring and Necklace set

Are you looking to buy a gift that causes a wide grin on your friend’s or sister’s face? Get her a necklace. Necklaces are beautiful, classy and elegant. As much as they beautifully elevate any look, they also make a great gift that your loved one can remember you by.

You can even personalize it further by adding her birthstone or favourite gemstone to the pendant. Makes it even more appealing and special.

2. Silver Rings

eternity rings

If she is trendy and fashionable, then rings would make a wonderful graduation gift. You can get her a stack of rings for her to play around with different outfits. Or maybe get her a nice silver statement ring to serve as a momentum for such a great milestone.

3. Silver Bracelet or Anklet

A meaningful butterfly charm bracelet

Bracelets and anklets are among one of the most easily customizable jewelry. You can print her a congratulatory message on the bracelet, and have her name on the bracelet. Your options are limitless.

Besides, bracelets and anklets are flexible with any personality. It does not matter whether she is sporty, sophisticated, or feminine, the designs are vast.  You simply have a world of options to work with and so you will definitely find something that suits her nicely.

4. Silver Earrings

Glimmer Ball Stud Earrings

Fashion critics indicate that earrings are one of the most sought out and loved accessories by women. So, if you are confused about what you can get your friend, earrings are a sure bet ideal gift for her. No woman will say no to earrings.

However, earrings exist in many different designs. From loops, pearls, studs, and dangling earrings, you need to find a piece that blends well with your friend’s personality, fashion sense and preferences. You can have a rough idea on what to get by looking from whatever earrings your friend already owns.


Jewelry Gift Ideas for Men

Society views men as alphas. Thus, they rarely get celebrated or recognized for their wins and achievements. However, men are human too and they too deserve to be congratulated for their achievements. Below are potentially great gift ideas any male graduate will love and appreciate.

  1. Silver Necklace

silver chain

Necklaces are stylish and fashionable on men. They add an elegant touch to any look and accentuate facial features beautifully. Hence, if you are looking for an ideal gift for a trendy male graduate, then a silver necklace will do. You can either get it customized or engraved with a special message to make it even more special.

2. Silver Men Bracelets

silver bracelets

Silver bracelets are easy to accessorize with multiple outfits. Furthermore, they are classy and timeless. Even better, bracelets are an everyday accessory. So, your friend will have a gift he can remember his big day daily through. How amazing, right?

  3. Watches

Silver Bracelet Watches in Nairobi

Is your friend or relative a conscious time keeper? Is he fascinated by watches?  Then a watch makes a timeless and thoughtful gift.  However you should consider the following factors while buying a watch so you get the gift right.

  • Where will it be worn? There are watches for many different instances from while swimming, working out, to formal occasions or daily. It is up to you to figure out what kind of gift you want to get.
  • What is his lifestyle like? When you are getting a watch, consider his lifestyle. Is he an indoor or outdoor person? Does he prefer casual or official outfits? Once you this questions figured out, you will have known just what type of watch would be ideal.
  • Will the strap fit him?


2. Silver Rings

A Silver Black Stripped Men's Ring

Rings are becoming increasingly popular among men in the 21st century. Rings naturally accessorize what you are wearing and compliment any look beautifully. Whether you think your friend would like a signet, pinky, thumb or promise ring, your options are limitless.  Ensure you pick the ring that matches their style.

More Tips on Getting Good Graduation Gifts

Here are a few more tips to help you have graduation gift giving etiquette.

  • If you are not planning to attend the graduation event, make sure you send a gift prior.
  • Do wrap up your gifts for a more aesthetic appeal. Statistics show that a wrapped gift has higher chances of pleasing the receiver because it builds anticipation than when it is unwrapped.
  • Do get as personalized as possible with your gift. You can even write a card to accompany your gift to make it more thoughtful and meaningful.
  • Do not choose jewelry according to what you like. Consider the receiver’s preferences and likes instead.

Get a Thoughtful Graduation Gift

This solid silver heart pendant is the ultimate gift to anyone you hold close to your heart.

It does not matter whether your friend, spouse, or relative just finished an undergraduate, postgraduate, or a diploma course, a good gift goes a long way. What are you waiting for? Be a graduation gift giving pro. Do your research on what your loved one may like, browse through different stores, and surprise them on their big day.



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