How to Spot Genuine Silver Jewellery in Kenya

Silver is without a doubt an attractive and highly sophisticated metal that is known to make some amazing jewellery pieces. Unfortunately, distinguishing fake or genuine silver from the thousands of jewellery collections available can be frustrating, especially to the untrained eye.

To ensure that fake sellers do not take advantage of your lack of knowledge, read on. Below are key pointers to consider when comparing fake versus real sterling silver jewellery. Your goal reading this should be to ensure that you do not get duped. After all, genuine silver jewellery is an investment that will surpass time thanks to their durability.

Look out for a Silver Stamp

Real silver is at least 92.5 % silver and 7.5% of other metal alloys.  Pure silver is too soft to make jewellery and that is why alloys are also used to make it harder and stronger. However, it is difficult to tell if you are looking at fake or genuine silver unless the jewellery pieces have a silver stamp on them. For example, if your pendant has a stamp at the back, “900 pure silver”, this will mean that the piece is 90 % silver and 10 % of other alloys.

Take a Nitric Acid test

Running the jewellery through a nitric acid test is also one of the ways to tell what is fake and what is genuine. Whether you do it yourself for have the jeweler do it for you, know that Fake sterling silver fizzes and the acid turns bluish-greenish in color.

Do a magnet test

Owing to the fact that shiny metals are not magnetic, sterling silver should not be attracted by a magnet. Just like testing gold and platinum, when your silver jewellery is attracted once placed near a magnet, sorry to say but it is fake.

Finally, the price tag is very important

Pure silver is not costly but sterling silver is. If your item’s price tag seems too good to be true, then there is a possibility that you are either buying fake or silver plated pieces.

Quick Tips

  • When doing a Nitric acid test, ensure that you have protective gloves on since it is a corrosive chemical. Kenya has some credible sources.
  • Get your jewellery pieces from renowned stores. If you are not sure ask around for recommendations.

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